Stop Dog barking. Cut Noise Pollution!

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Ever been in the situation where your dog is barking away in the middle of the night and it is driving you crazy?  Well your neighbors are also losing sleep.

I’ve been there done that!

You may well have to concede while its great that your dog barks away happily it could be time to train your dog…

But relax it can be fun and I know of a great program that is quick to implement and is based on years of experience and tens of thousands of dogs and their owners.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Crate training your dog

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Crate Training Your Dog

With appropriate effort on your part, crate training your dog will let him see the crate as his haven instead of an enclosure or trap that makes him feel unsafe and lonely.  Den or crate training is based on the dog’s instinct to find secure resting places. For dogs, a crate or a den can serve as their home base. With proper introduction and selection of the right reinforcement (treats and attention), the dog will not be threatened by it at all and indeed will welcome it.

Some people argue against crate training because, according to them, it is similar to solitary confinement. However, with the benefits listed below, most pet owners agree that it is a huge benefit to them.  Especially if you teach them the command “crate up”.  A friend of mine did that and placed a cushion in the crate…even when they removed the crate itself thecommand “crate up” would send the dog to that pillow (which was in the place where the crate used to be).

How to introduce the crate to the dog
The best time to introduce the crate to a dog is as soon as possible. Place it somewhere in the house where it would catch the dog’s attention. Let him explore his crate first for the first week with the door/gate removed.  If he does not show any sign of interest, try leaving some of his favorite treats inside. After a couple of days, try feeding him inside. This would condition his mind that the crate is for him and he can safely be inside it.

An alternative method is to begin by putting him in the crate and walk away from him and watch him as he calms down. If he shows any signs of protest, you should not let him out as that will train him that protesting = freedom. Instead, let him settle down then let him out. Do this for exercise for a couple of days until s/he has learned that the crate is a safe haven.  Personally I find that the first technique works best if it is a little slower.  Let it become part of his environment so he sees it as just another place.

Size of the crate
The crate should be large enough to accommodate the dog on all fours, to let him lie down comfortably and to give him enough space to turn around without hitting the walls. However, if you also intend the crate for travel, the crate should be larger to allow for some movement.

Benefits of using a crate
a) For occasions when the dog cannot run around freely, putting them in a crate is a good choice for controlling their movements.
b) The dog will feel relatively safe inside the crate especially when feeling afraid or under stress.
c) A crate can also be used to limit dogs with problem behaviors.
d) It’s a good place for puppies that are still untrained and might cause some trouble inside the house eg begging and biting.
e) This helps with dogs who have separation anxiety.
f)  It could secure the dog whenever the owner has to bring him outside.  Crate first then outside.
g) It increases his confidence due to the security it provides.

Crate training is a great way to provide a safe haven in your home for your dog and to have the dog leave when you do not want them around you.  I have found though that it really helps to have  a guide through this process so your dog is trained and trained well fast.

Dan Stevens at “Sit Stay Fetch” has a long “pedigree” with dogs and has so many inside secrets about how to create your own well behaved dog, I think he may be related to one.
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63,120 dog owners can’t be wrong!

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That’s a big number!

Dan Stevens at “Sit Stay Fetch” tells me that’s how many dog owners have put his information to good use.

As a dog lover yourself, you’ll understand how tricky dog training can be.

But this bloke has a long pedigree 🙂 with dogs and has so many inside secrets about how to create your own well behaved dog, I think he may be related to one.

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